I have a habit of reflecting on the past year and set an intention for the new one. This practice helps me organise my past experiences and thoughts and have a clearer view of what I would like for myself.  We are now approaching the end of January 2021, and there is still time to look back on the lessons from 2020 and make your wish for 2021. It is always a good time to let go and to wish for more.

The practice of letting go has been so valuable to me. I like to reflect on my life to find a silver lining, even in the most difficult life situations. It is vital to let go of things, events, habits or relationships that don’t serve me anymore, otherwise you get stuck in a swamp of negative thinking and unhelpful patterns.

The reflection also helps me find what is already good in my life, what I can be grateful for, and wish myself more. I’m still learning how to be generous and kind towards myself.

I invite you to join the meditation practice on letting go and wishing more of. In this 18 minute meditation, I guide you through the practice of letting go of your past that doesn’t serve you anymore; help you to reflect on what is already good in your life and what can you wish more of for yourself.

To make the most out of this practice,  I advise taking notes of whatever comes up during the meditation. So prepare a notebook or a piece of paper and a pen. When you put things in writing, they can finally get out of your head and free up some valuable headspace.

18-minute meditation: Letting go & Wishing more of 

Find a comfortable position seated on the chair, sofa, cushion, or if you prefer, you can even lie down and tune in towards yourself for the next 18 minutes.

Want to reflect more?

If you get into the flow of this meditation and still want to spend more time on reflecting, these are the questions you can linger on:

  • What is it that you would like to let go of? Are there any things, events in your life, and relationships that are not good for you anymore?
  • What is already good in your life that you are grateful for?  It can be anything, even something simple and small.
  • What do you want to wish yourself more of? Can you be generous with yourself?


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