We have attended various yoga classes from different teachers, from vinyasa to kundalini, before Lyuba realised that hatha yoga & yoga nidra are her favourites! She also enjoys more active vinyasa classes and gets inspiration from there. Ruben loves powerful hatha and vinyasa yoga, and animal flow and fell in love with yin yoga. We both learn from the training and the yoga classes we follow ourselves.

Lyuba loves to teach dynamic hatha yoga to let the energy flow. She also developed her yoga nidra style, where she combines a very gentle hatha flow at the beginning, followed by restorative yoga nidra.

Ruben enjoys teaching yin yoga combined with restorative yoga. He likes to include aspects of mindfulness, yoga nidra, restorative yoga and pranayama in the classes

Our classes will make you feel good and energised on the level of mind & body. We don’t push anyone into a posture and always give variations of the poses, so even a yoga newbie would feel comfortable. You must learn to feel your body and its boundaries. You decide how challenging your yoga practice should be.

You can follow our group classes both in our home studio and live online (via Zoom). It is also possible to book a private class. Please read more about what to expect from our classes. Check out our class schedule and reserve your class.


Hatha yoga combines physical postures (asanas), breathing and meditation techniques designed to remove blockages in your body and mind. After the class, you will feel relaxed and energized, your mood will improve, and you will want to fly like a bird! 😊
  • The morning class is energetic and flowy to give you a boost to start your day
  • The evening class will help you unwind and refresh for the evening

Benefits of the class:

  • improve your flexibility
  • become leaner and more vital in a gentle way
  • release tensions from your body and mind
  • (re)gain more energy
  • improve your overall well-being


Yin yoga is inspired by the Chinese philosophy of the opposite forces of yin and yang. Yin is as a receptive and restful life force, while yang is active energy.

Thus, yin is a slow-paced and calm yoga style, where we stay in one pose for 2 to 5 minutes. It can be seen as a long meditation. We practice with long spaces of silence, giving you the chance to connect to yourself and rest. We go less deep into the pose to avoid injuries.

Benefits of the class:

  • improve the flexibility of the body by stretching the fascia
  • mobilize tendons, ligaments and joints
  • connect to mind and body
  • release stress and restore energy
  • improve sleep quality


We will start with a gentle hatha yoga to relax the body, quiet the mind and become fully present. From thereon, we will continue with the yoga nidra practice.

Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is a powerful meditation technique and one of the most accessible yoga practices to develop and maintain. While you will rest comfortably on your back on the floor, I will take you through guided meditation & visualisation with my voice.

Benefits of the class:

  • improve quality of sleep
  • release tensions and relieve chronic pain
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • heal physical and mental traumas
  • learn more about yourself through self-reflection and meditation


I can’t thank you enough for all your online yoga classes from the past months! They really helped to get me through a very tough period in my life ❤️You have such a positive energy and it gives me positive vibes as well!


I just wanted to thank you for your virtual classes in the past few months. They really helped me to survive these covid-19 times. The Sunday classes gave me a reason to get up early and to maintain my sleep schedule, while the introduction to Yoga Nidra was so useful! Instead of taking naps, I now listen to your Yoga Nidra recording☺️


Lyuba is a great yoga instructor. Her voice is calm and peaceful and she sinceraly cares about every person in the class.


I would strongly recommend this yoga studio. I appreciate excellent classes, close teacher / student relationship with lots of room for individual input. Every week I look forward to attend a class with Lyuba as she keeps the classes challenging & interesting.


Free Flow is yoga in a cozy, warm and light atmosphere!