Join me for a free 7-day online journey to make a habit of daily morning yoga.

Every day, I  share one of my favourite practices of 15-20 minutes to help you fall in love with yoga in the morning!

You get  6 recorded yoga classes of 15-20 minutes PLUS a live online class on the last day!

We start on March 22. Don’t wait to sign up! 

Yoga is probably the most important step in the morning routine, it gives your body the flexibility and openness it needs after hours of sleep.

I created the Wake Up Yoga Journey to help you make a habit of doing yoga in the morning.

In the past, I’ve been struggling to insert a yoga practice into my morning routine. I thought if I can’t spend 1 hour on yoga, then I failed. I judged myself and chose to do no yoga at all. But then I realised that short daily practice is better than doing nothing—consistency and frequency beat quantity. I practice for about 15-20 minutes every morning, which is very doable to sustain!

Wake Up Yoga Journey offers you short and sweet yoga classes of 15-20 min. The classes are recorded, so you can practice whenever it fits your morning schedule.

After years of practice, I discovered which postures are the best for my body in the morning. It’s often not about the length of the yoga class but the efficiency of the asanas and flow. It’s important to focus on removing stiffness, stretching muscles, and energizing for the day in the morning. I designed 7 different classes for this yoga journey : there will be a class for your spine, hips, back, and whole body. Lot’s of variety for you to stay interested and curious!

Join this FREE yoga journey to discover what morning yoga can mean to you!


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Easy morning stretch

We start easy and slow! Give yourself love and kindness in the morning.

Twists & Upper back

Twists are great to wake up and energise your whole body. And your upper back will be grateful too!


This is the class to help you focus and be productive for the rest of the day.

Feel the flow

Flowy and energising yoga class to shake up your whole body.

Hips & low back release

Create more space and flexibility in your hips and low back; remove tightness and even pain.

Power up!

Create strength in your body to feel empowered for the rest of the day.

Let’s bring it all together!

This is a live online 1-hour class via Zoom.

We will finish off this yoga journey by coming together and enjoying the full body flow.

The class will be recorded in case you can’t attend live.


♥ As of March 22, (Monday) every morning (very early!) you will receive an e-mail with a recorded yoga practice. This means that whenever you wake up, there will be a yoga practice waiting for you!

♥ These are short 15-20 minutes classes, accessible for everyone. You don’t need any special yoga props, just a yoga mat, a blanket and a small pillow.

♥  On day 7, March 28 (Sunday) we finish off together with a 1-hour live online class via Zoom. (from 9:15 am till 10:15, CET). Don’t worry, there will be recording available in case you can’t make it to the live class that day.

♥  You will have access to all yoga classes of the Wake Up Yoga Journey for 2 extra weeks. This means that if you can’t make the journey in the week of March 22, you can do it later. Or even better – redo the journey again!

♥ Here is an overview of the classes. Mark them in our diary!

Day 1 – 22 March, Monday – Easy morning stretch

Day 2 – 23 March, Tuesday – Twists & upper back

Day 3 – 24 March, Wednesday – Focus

Day 4 – 25 March, Thursday – Feel the flow

Day 5 – 26 March, Friday – Hips & low back release

Day 6 – 27 March, Saturday – Power up!

Day 7 – 28 March, Sunday at 9:15 – 10:15 CET – Full body live online class of 1 hour via Zoom.

♥ So here is what you get:  6 recorded yoga classes of 15-20 minutes PLUS a live online class on the last day!


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Hi there!

I’m Lyuba, a yoga & mindfulness teacher at Free Flow. I would like to help you do more yoga!

I discovered yoga and meditation in 2009, when I lived in Norway. From then on it was part of my life with varying intensity and consistency, but always giving me new positive energy in the most difficult moments.

Yoga and mindfulness are my life passion and creative outlet. They give me the ‘free flow’ of energy, make my body and mind flexible, provide a different perspective on life. In 2018 I experienced burnout. Awareness of what is happening in my body and mind helped me recognise the signs of burnout at its early stage. Thanks to my yoga and mindfulness tools, I could recover from it rather quickly.

I wanted to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with others and got certified as a yoga teacher in 2019. I’m specialised in hatha yoga and yoga Nidra, and I teach individuals and in companies. In 2020 I joined a two-year Mindfulness Teacher Training with Brussels Mindfulness and am now on this exciting journey of being a mindfulness teacher.