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Please read the information below to know what to expect and how the journey is organised.

♥ When do we start?

As of Monday, 19 April at 9:30 CEST, you will receive a daily e-mail with a link to a written tip on how to improve your sleeping habit and a recorded relaxation practice to help you fall asleep faster, maintain your sleep and wake up refreshed.

♥  How much time do I need to spend per day?

The reading will take about 5 minutes, and the relaxation practice takes between 10-15 minutes. So in total, you will spend about 15-20 minutes a day on this journey.

♥  Can I practice whenever I want?

This journey is self-paced, which means you can read the tips and practise relaxation techniques whenever it suits your schedule. It is, however, best to practice the relaxation techniques about one hour before going to sleep or, even better, right before bedtime.

♥ How long can I access the materials?

You will have access to the Good Night Sleep Journey for two weeks until 2 May. This means that if you can’t make the journey in the week of 19 April, you can do it later. Or even better – redo the journey again!

Do I need special equipment?

This journey is accessible for everyone. You don’t need any special props. Most of the practices can be done directly in bed.

♥  Invite your friends!

If you think of anyone who can benefit from this journey, forward them to the registration page. Your friends can still subscribe today.

See you soon and have a good night sleep!